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Shipping needs a new generation of seafarers to deal with the impending crew shortfall. Ship managers face the additional challenge of reconciling new regulatory requirements and charterers insisting on better levels of competence on board. Our goal is to equip our seafarers to work with their colleagues ashore while leveraging technology to improve efficiency

Client Services

Crewseas Management offers a wide range of crew management services tailored to the needs of each owner and each vessel. These include crew selection and retention, regulatory and knowledge compliance, crew training, payroll management and engagement contracts, worldwide ticketing and accommodation, technical and engineering support, as well as cadet enrollment

Helping You Optimize Your Revenue

Every shipowner has to navigate through the reoccurring cycles of boom, stagnation, recession and recovery. During good days, it is important to plan for the future. When the market tends to dip and crash, the challenge is to keep a tight control on the business as surplus capacity gets squeezed out. We understand the cyclical nature of global shipping and create solutions that help clients sail through the rough patches with ease

Global Leader in Shipboard Performance

Crew inconstancy and high turnover remains one of the biggest challenges to any company, whether owner or manager. Since the costs of high turnover are considerable, we are constantly working at ways to improve crew stability, improve retention rates, and encourage better teamwork. And sure, we get results


Retention rate averages for 5 years


Promotion rate averages for officers

Putting people at the heart of ship management

We consider seafarers to be the most critical element of shipping, and securing crew with a high retention rate as the main driver of onboard performance. A stable crew contributes to considerable cost and operational efficiencies. We build our pool from experienced and talented professionals drawn from Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Latvia, and the Philippines

Group Companies

logo Stargate Crewing
Stargate Crewing

Stargate Crewing is a top crew provider from Romania with a large, captive talent pool and thousands of officers who sail on practically every vessel category there is in the commercial fleet.


Unicrew Management
Unicrew Management

Unicrew Management is a reputed crew management company from the United Kingdom with years of experience managing large fleets and a tight network of associate offices worldwide.


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