We Are

We are a people driven enterprise, putting all our energies into the growth and development of our crew and shore-based staff for better results

At the core of our crew management services is the client. Our services are built around what the client needs and a deep understanding of the client’s business. Our focus is on delivering unparalleled cost efficiencies to the client without compromising on quality or values.

CREWSEAS MANAGEMENT is a successful and innovative maritime talent management business. We owe our achievements to the unique skill set of our people at sea and those who support them on shore.
Our know-how and innovative approach towards crewing, crew management, recruitment, retention and skill enhancement enables us to partner with all manner of owners and shipmanagers in a rather unique way compared to a traditional customer relationship between a ship owner and ship management services provider. Our crew and technical specialists are able to foster genuine innovation based on transparent and productive relationships with our customers, who are typically looking for a strategic partnership over a long period of time.
With decades of experience accumulated in managing Bulk, Tanker, Container, LPG and LNG fleets, Crewseas has now acquired the confidence to deliver across-the-board efficiencies to its clients that translate into tangible profits and help consolidate their operations for growth.


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