Devoted to effective QHSE management with the highest standards of service to our clients, a spotless safety record and a lifetime’s commitment to environment, health, and safety standards that comply with international norms, guidelines and regulations. At the heart of this principle is continuous monitoring and regular upgrading of our QHSE criteria.

We are an ISO and MLC certified operation through our partner companies, Stargate Crewing and Unicrew Management, both of whom are duly recognized for their adherence to quality standards in Crew Management and Crew Manning operations. Our record demonstrates a strict compliance with all IMO, ILO and STCW requirements for crew management.

Crewseas Management has identified three key areas in our sphere of operations that are of paramount importance – Quality, Safety and Environment Protection. We have developed strict policy control in these areas to ensure the company operates at the highest standards whilst complying and striving to exceed maritime regulation and guidelines. Existing and new crew joining our rosters are regularly notified of new policy and provided training support to get duly certified.

We place health and safety of crew above all other priorities in shipboard operations. It is our solemn resolve to provide a healthy working environment with appropriate levels of health monitoring and support for all our crew. We also ensure that our crew, contractors and third parties comply with international health regulations at all times and remain thoroughly competent on shipboard safety and the marine environment.

To ensure we meet our responsibilities and maintain our standards, we ensure that all our employees, both on board and on shore operate within company guidelines at all times. Full awareness of Environment, Health and Safety standards is a priority requirement for all crew deployment. All personnel must be well informed and abreast of newer health, safety and environment standards that are coming into play every month. Our goal is to scale standards of excellence in recycling, waste reduction, and energy conservation during shipboard operations while giving top priority to safeguarding human lives, prevent loss of property and damage to the marine ecosystem