Lifelong Learning

We are dedicated to improving the professional attributes of our seafarers while embedding a culture of lifelong learning at the heart of all training and human development

Today’s seafarers are not just looking at the paycheck before deciding on a career trajectory. Opportunities for professional development and sophisticated training are just as important to their long-term plans as timely promotion

Seafarers today are increasingly attracted to sophisticated training, professional development, and long-term employment. To be able to offer these to temporary employees a company must have these systems embedded in the business culture. Our Lifelong Learning initiative is to offer seafarers at all levels of rank and engagement an opportunity to ungraded their knowledge and skills by accessing the nearest possible nodes of maritime education and training and benefitting from our special offers of in-house and heavily discounted courses during their layoff periods on shore.

The objective is continuous learning as a way of keeping themselves competitive and sharp in a dynamic marketplace. With the deployment of more digital technologies onboard vessels, technology and change are becoming commonplace in the shipping industry. We seek to give our seafarers the tools and the knowhow to take advantage of this trend, improve onboard efficiency and remain competent in a connected world