Unicrew Management

Unicrew Management Limited has been providing Crew Management for over 30 years to various principals and currently manages or services a fleet of 35 dry cargo vessels, and two 5-star passenger vessels

The company has Representative Offices in Romania, Montenegro, Poland and the Philippines together with a training centre in Manila with both Deck and Engine simulators supplied by Transas

Unicrew Management considers itself as a service provider to both the ship owner and crew member and we are proud of our personal relationship with our crew, established over many years. We have in our database over 1,500 officers and 2,000 ratings in our database with approximately 550 officers actively serving.

The fleet comprises of modern vessels with sizes upto 75,000 GRT / 6500TEU’s and are manned with multinational Officers and crew, including Romanian, Montenegrin, Polish, Croatian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and Filipino.

The company understands the importance of ensuring the training of our future seafarers and has established for many years a cadet training program with the co-operation of our ship owners and International Maritime schools, which has been successful in the past, and we are proud that many of officers are our ex-cadets.

The company can also provide bespoke training for our officers to meet an owner’s request through the existing network of schools situated in our recruitment areas.