Continuity is important in our business because it is through continuity that our people understand their ships and employer’s expectations. We achieve this with a dynamic Cadet Programme. Cadetship builds loyalty and lifelong commitment for forward looking shipping companies

Crewseas Management has long-standing relationships with various maritime schools, allowing the company to pick fresh, young talent from each institution. We are known to be a valued employer and merit scholars from these schools line up for an opportunity to complete their mandatory sailing tenure with us before applying for their officer’s licenses. We place a premium on training, knowledge sharing and personal growth for all cadets

Cadets are the most important aspect of our Human Resources Development strategy. We invest in the future of young officers who will one day work with us, and become valuable assets for any owner. We also invest in the future of our people to develop meaningful relationships.

Fortunately, we have the pick of the lot from each academic session because of our excellent personal relations with maritime schools worldwide. This has been achieved over many years and Crewseas Management consolidates the business acumen and goodwill of its associate companies, Stargate Crewing and Unicrew Mangement to offer a wider coverage to our clients. We are proud of our personal relationships with our crew, established over many years. In our databsse, we have over 1,800 Officers and 2,000 Ratings with approximately 1,200 Officers actively serving.

The company understands the importance of training and has successfully organized cadet induction and training courses with the co-operation of our ship owners and international maritime schools. The cadet program is a major success, and most of our serving officers are actually ex-cadets. The company has assisted the training of over 1,000 Cadets and has excellent co-operation and understanding with the maritime schools in Manila, Malta, Montenegro, Constanta and Gdynia