People Policy

Teamwork is of critical importance to our culture and values. A crew that works together, grows together, develops together. Our manning activities are centered around building dedicated pools in every seafaring market that we operate in

We don’t believe in the cliché “people are our greatest asset”. Our people are not our assets or units of value, they are the sole reason we exist as a business. We don’t accumulate, trade in or monetize our people, as some would do with their assets, but we work with them and help them reach their true potential, thereby giving our clients what they expect from us – the best talent. It is an equal partnership with our people, based on respect and trust

We work with the same people, for years together. We invest in their future, their aspirations, and their happiness. We look after their well-being, both as a professional seafarers and ordinary laypersons. All engagement and interaction is based on mutual respect and equal opportunity, free from discrimination rooted in race, colour, gender, religion and political affiliation. Rules and regulations are sacrosanct, but health and safety are paramount.

We are a global family. We encourage people of all nationalities, age, experience and cultures to come work with us. If you look forward to challenges in every new assignment then we offer a wealth of opportunities to grow. We invest heavily in our people and help them avail personal and professional growth objectives. We encourage enterprise, personal initiative and leadership in all those who work with us