Crew Management

Whether the principal needs officers for a single vessel or full crew management, Crewseas Management can offer world class services at competitive rates.

Our manning, technical, and regulatory expertise gives us an edge over our competitors in managing a large professional talent pool. We engage a diverse group of maritime experts who provide us with operations intelligence and technical know-how on practically every aspect of crew management

Successful crew management depends on superior competence, efficient systems, talented crew, and the right blend of knowledge and experience. We are at the forefront of bringing a new generation of talented, young seafarers to our clients, people with superior skills and the ability to function in a highly automated vessel.

Crewseas Management provides third party crew management and integrated maritime services for a wide range of companies. Our crew management and manning capabilities are geared to providing personalized service to our clients in their own geography.

We offer tailor-made packages to our principals, including full outsourcing and part outsourcing of crew management, full manning and part manning of fleet, full crew management for individual vessels and full outsourcing of all human resource functions across the enterprise. We also offer dynamic cost packages with various types of optional services which may be included or excluded from the package as a company scales up or scales down its operations