Payroll & Contracts

We offer extensive legal and financial expertise on seafarer engagement and ensure that both employee and ship owner are fully aware of their contractual obligations, both on ship and shore

We have a fully automated payroll system in place that can simultaneously deliver wages and other financial disbursements anywhere in the world, into any bank account. We provide water-tight legal instruments that govern all aspects of seafarer compensation, entitlements, overtime and benefits

Structuring compensation and drafting job contracts can be a challenge to any ship owner that employs foreign crew on its vessels. As a client of Crewseas Management, you benefit from our legal and financial expertise that include facilitating the wage allotment, disbursement, and any kind of tax liabilities that may arise from employing foreign personnel.

Compensation and contractual obligations vary from one company to another, and we provide adequate legal support to ensure that both parties, i.e. employer and employee, are satisfied with the terms of engagement. Our contract documents are customized as per principal’s requirements and cover basic employment terms, including nature and length of employment, duties and responsibilities, working conditions, on-board conduct rules, annulment of contract and termination, reporting obligations, medical leave, and rate of compensation.

We have earned the trust and respect of seafarers and ship owners because of our diligent handling of compensation and job contract issues and our real-time solutions for compensation disbursement. We ensure that our seafarers are among the best paid in the industry and receive compensation worthy of their training, experience, and performance