Crew retention is a major issue facing the entire spectrum of the shipping industry because it affects performance and morale onboard vessels

An employer’s engagement with seafarers plays an important role in retention. Unhappy or unsatisfactory work experience often compel the best talents to leave the company, and sometimes also the industry. Years of accumulated knowledge and experience are lost

We treat our seafarers as family. We embrace their professional and personal lives and aspirations. We look after their wives, children, parents when they are away from home on long voyages. We try and improve communication between mission-bound seafarer and the family.

At Crewseas Management, we have a large pool of loyal seafarers who have been working with us for 15, sometimes 20 years. This has been possible because we recognize and respect the fact that seafarers must not be treated as numbers; they have emotional needs like the rest of us. One of the main attractions of working under the Crewseas umbrella is the fact that we strive to secure permanent employment for those who are willing to learn and grow under our flag