Crew Pool

Building up teams of seafarers dedicated to a particular company flag has some obvious advantages and cost benefits, and owners with long-term stakes in the shipping industry know how important it is to staff the crew roster with reliable, time-tested people who understand their business priorities

There are a number of reasons why crew change jobs and higher wage is not the most important of them. Sometimes the real reasons are bad work conditions, unfair contractual terms, absence of growth and training opportunities, bad management practices that lead to considerable crew stress, poor leadership onboard from the Top 2 ranks, etc. Shipowners seldom prepare for the hidden costs of high turnover. Neither do they have a magic formula for improving teamwork and crew retention

Recent studies in crew retention suggest that developing the right leadership attributes in the top ranks often has a trickle-down effect on the rest of the crew. If the morale of the top officers on a vessel is high, and they demonstrate the right attitude and confidence, the ranks respond in a more positive way. Teaming is critical to crew retention and crew pooling. We understand the impact of working with the right crew often involves building capacity at the top, giving the seniors in the crew the right management tools and leadership skills.

Pool competency and motivation are important to the way we run our business. To build a team of like-minded influencers, Crewseas Management regularly conducts in-house training, executive coaching and team-building events. Bespoke training courses meant to address particular leadership skills are held round the year for our crew. All seafarers are required to keep their competency levels updated as per the latest STCW, IMO, international requirements. Our office sends out periodic reminders to those whose certificates need updating.

We are in the process of developing a Leadership Development programme for all our senior staff, including ship and shore employees, which will hold long-duration courses in various crew markets. A core team of trainers is already preparing a syllabus and academic calendar for our offices worldwide