Global Mobility

With offices and associates in key locations worldwide, we are well placed to handle large volume personnel movement, temporary accommodation, visa and logistics of crew rotation for medium and large fleets

With globalization, crew mobility has become ever more complex and challenging to any shipping operation. In today’s world, seafarers are not the only people moving across continents to reach their vessel or return home. Millions of people are clocking up billions of frequent flyer miles in an effort to keep their business running

Globalization is raising the bar on global mobility. As companies do more and more business across national borders, they need the ability to move their people around quickly and easily. Shipping never had these problems, it was always a globalized business. But today’s challenges are far more complex and finding air tickets and hotel accommodation at short notice can sometimes pose a challenge and run up costs of crew deployment.

Our experienced travel division is fully equipped for making visa arrangements and travel bookings for signing seafarers and executives on and off. Our visa services include securing and expediting travel visas, tourist visas and business visas for the seafarers and shore office personnel for frequent travel. With offices and associates in several locations, we are well equipped to handle complex visa requirements of most nations